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26/01/19 Saturday
FECK! It's my 70th Birthday & funny enough it's also my twin brother Steve's too !
Thanks for all the birthday greetings on Facebook!

I hope today is going to be better than last night!
I decided to do a lamb curry, I went to Tesco & forked out 4.00 for some nice looking meat!
I spent most of the day making the Base Gravy, luckily I already had done some Garlic & Ginger paste, so that was a nice surprise!
I thought by getting some Lamb instead of pork or chicken I could skip doing the pre-cooked meat, & just cook the lamb in the curry.
In the evening, everything was prepared so I had a sip of wine and sat down to watch corrie while the food was cooking on low heat!

I must have fallen asleep!?  I could smell burning! I rushed into the kitchen to find my best non-stick coated frying pan blackened to bits,
and full of charcoal!  Also my steamer for the rice was bone dry & the rice cooked to buggery!

The good news is that I have lost a stone and a half, due to not having any dinner!
Today I have mainly been cleaning my precious frying pan!

20/01/19 Sunday

Got up at 5am to make a start on this new blog
I am using a raspberry pi to communicate with my small weather sensors by running various programs that then send the data to twitter.
The new & exciting software to use is called "Node-Red"
It's an amazing graphical tool, and also you can embed python code in nodes, I didn't think much of it at first, but now I'm hooked!
I hope this isn't too geeky for some of you, but that's what I do GEEK haha!