Uploaded some new Sat Pics today 25/04/2019  click on the Nav Bar above to see them SATS
Went a run out in me Black Bitch to Bridgemere, & on the way back spotted this view which
I thought would be ok for a weather watchers shot!
The only place to park was in Dorothy Clive Garden Centre, so I drove in, and had a word with
this lady at the sentry box to see if it was Ok just to take a picture
across the road, and if I could just park up on the verge.
Jobs worth said "No" & it would cost me either 8.50 or 17 to park up!
I politely refused & drove out, but pulled up at the exit & took this quick shot
with my mobile phone,instead of my Olympus camera!
I think she must have been related to the mad women who wanted to get the police on to me at
Tesco for slightly bumping into her wheelie Zimmer Frame!