Breaking News!

This is the new layout - I'm testing it out on my PC & tablet
The tablet has to be in portrait mode to view everything for some reason ?
I'm looking into that!
24/04/17 Monday
Still suffering with this streaming cold - sneezing big style!
Tried to sort out the refreshing of the weather data,
but due to auto log in of webcam causes various coding to fail?
So the Gardening, SnuffBox, will have to wait until I'm well enough
to do anything like that, think it will be a case of Kitchen duty
and a bit of PC work, and more bed duty!
25/04/17 Tuesday
Lightning in Scotland, but my detector isn't bleeping yet?
Added a refresh button to get the latest weather info (every 10mins)
26/04/17 Wednesday
I had to laugh - This morning I decided to make some North Staffs Oatcakes
I prepared the yeast sugar water mix, but it didn't froth up
(probably because the water was boiling)
So I later added another sachet of yeast an left it
When I came back later it had certainly frothed up
all over the feckin oven! - Yes I should have taken a pic! FFS!