Too Many Hobbies!

I fired up my new camera in the conservatory today for yet another attempt to capture some exotic bird-life in my back garden! Feckin typical, just when I went to shut down everything the feckin blue tits decided to make an appearance! Mr Blackstock also arrived, but was more interested in bathing, so I decided to call it a feckin day! I do love my Olympus Pen Lite Camera, she has some lovely features! The Wi-Fi link could be more robust, but I have found a way to relax in my Conservatory waiting for the action. A glass of whisky and all seems well with the world! I hope this latest blog works as I seem to have forgotten stuff? Stay Tuned X Click on the pics for the BIGGER View !

Here are some more Birdy Pics!
Again click on the pic for the larger one!
(We all like a larger one)
Can you believe they didn't use these as my WeatherWatch Pics?