I lost my twin bro Steve this month!
Steve had been suffering with COPD  for quite a while, but eventually he could no longer take the strain!
It's a terrible thing to loose a twin brother as you can imagine! Especially when we were into music together!
Here are a few pics :-
(you can right click & view images (larger) in a new tab on a PC !


South Sea Bubble - Tich (Stewart Walker) Sax,
Rob Rushton Vocals, Jay (Me) Lead Guitar,
Steve Bass, Les Hall Keyboards,  Andy Walley Drums...
Steve , Jay , John
Harvester bash 2018!
Steve, Pat (Steve's Best Friend) , Me (Twin)  & Tojo (Steve's Son)


I took this Photograph & Developed / printed it myself back in the day when we didn't have digital cameras...