June 2020


Temperature Fun

Converting Temperature (Mentally)

Ok remembering that 20 deg C = 68 deg F

If we have 25 deg C

that is 5 deg C higher in value, so multiply by 2 (quick solution ) to give increase in Fahrenheit

But its really times 1.8

So if you say 5 * 2 = 10 but then take off the "one" it would be 9 (try it with a calculator)
So we then add 9 to 68 = 77 deg F

The full formula is (c x 9/5) + 32 = f
but the quick way is best for the brain!

Remembering the easy temps
like 5c 10c 20c etc makes it easier to mentally convert temperatures!

It's remembering that when multiplying by 2 that the true result will be less (multiply by 1.8)
So if you had say 6 deg's above 20 (26c) it would be 12f, but then 12f minus 1.2 = 10.8f
adding this to 68f = 78.80f

It's just a quick way to mentally times a number by 1.8
Now when converting Fahrenheit to Centigrade, it's a case of firstly diving by 2
but then adding, as you should really divide by 1.8

But the trick is to remember certain temperatures as mentioned above, so that you can quickly
convert temperatures close to those values!

73 de Jay G8NAI