Trentham Gardens June 2019

The Secret Granary - Kate The very expensive food The Normal Entrance Now Blocked More expensive food
Yesterday after a walk to Longton which included The Bank & a wander in the Market I clocked up a few steps
and felt better for the walk, although it was a hot day.!
As I have put on a few pounds just lately,  I realised that I needed to do more walking, and thought of more photography
& to get out a lot more etc.
Today Sunday 02/06/2019  I decided to have a walk around Trentham Gardens, which I always love to do & can't understand
why I haven't been there as much just recently??

As I entered TG at around 11 am I knew there wouldn't be many car parking spaces, but did find one fairly close, & was about to steer
my Black Bitch into the space
when a car drove in front of it to block me entering!?
I waited for a a while & it was obvious he wasn't going to budge, so I gesticulated pointing to the space I wanted to use!
Some sort of gesticulation came back indicating that he thought he had rightful claim to the same space as he had sped his way to block me!
At this I waved a suitable gesticulation back & left him to it!
I found a space in the next aisle & parked up!
On entering TG's main centre I noticed that they still have blocked the way in, so you have to walk a million miles around to get to the food hall!

As I wasn't there to buy any new skirts or dresses I found this most irritating & waved my walking stick around cursing various objet d'art!
I eventually got to the food hall & realised that they had stopped serving breakfast & also the Lunch menu was unavailable, so I had a look
at the other options on the other side. (this was before observing lovely looking cakes at around &3.75 each!
A custard tart for 4 quid? you having a laff I thought!

Even more shocked how some moron can charge over 8 for a wrap or some other equally silly poncy sandwich angered
me, so I walked away, again waving my walking stick
at everything in sight!

I proceeded towards the wooden shops, & was pleasantly surprised to see much activity & even more shops than there
were on my last visit!
Yes I had to got in The ART shop & look at all those licensed to print money framed works, but there were some new & exciting
doings to make it a  worth while visit, even though
my purse remained closed!

After several attempts in closing shops to find some shorts of suitable size I gave up ! 
(again waving my stick around like a nutter)

I then stumbled across a new music shop (A MAJOR)  This was brilliant, it had Ukuleles'  and loads of sheet music
( I said Sheet)  for piano etc.
( I must go back again and get stuff)

I found  The secret Granary & plucked up the courage to have a chat - I hope to return & have some tasty food there
on my next visit ! (GW)
It was good to get out & about even though I missed the breakfast & didn't really purchase anything!
Took some spy cam shots....